7 Out Of 10 Marketers Are Clueless Are You One Of Them?

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

If you can’t analyze how can you realize what conversations, content and campaigns are translating into real dollars to your brands?

If you use tools like Social Mention, Radian 6 or even Google, you will have line of sight to data that is mission critical to your success online and offline!  By understanding the terms your potential and actual consumers are using online, you can start to really optimize your marketing efforts.

I recently wrote a post discussing this at Social Media Examiner showing you exactly how you can use these type of tools to make a significant and measurable impact on your brand.  It’s ok to be ignorant, but don’t be stupid which comes from knowing what to do, but not finding the time to do it.

Nearly 80 percent admit they are concerned their brand is at risk from not being as engaged with customers, or failing to have a good grasp of how online conversations are impacting their brand. The majority say they recognize the problem areas and are taking actions to rectify them, such as dedicating a larger portion of the marketing budget toward the social/digital space to gain the necessary resources for increased message customization across web, email and social media.

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