6 Tips For A Sexy Content Makeover

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Too many people focus on the content before they decide on it’s purpose.  It sounds crazy, but after 20 years of marketing, I know it is true, the same way I know I need to get my roots done!

But seriously, when you are trying to create excitement around your brand, product or service, what do you do to create something of incredibly value for your audience?  The days of shouting “look at me, look at me” are over for most brands.  It just doesn’t work.

Creating ebooks, infographics, white papers, etc. is a new way to present the case for what you have created.


Let’s take Hubspot as an example.  They sell tracking and management system for lead focused online campaigns.  So instead of saying how cool they are all the time, they take the time to present the market research and build the case of how important it is for you to analyze to maximize your sales funnel.  It’s genius!

By razzling, dazzling and frazzling me, they are starting to build the case of how lost I’d be without them.  They create the pain, in the hopes they can help make it rain for me.  Smart.

Building social channels is key for the “pop on the social web” part of this post.  Develop social networks on the channels where conversations are happening relevant to the people and companies you’re trying to reach. If they’re on Facebook for example, you might find it makes sense for your Fan page to accept posts from the blog and that the blog also posts to Twitter. Then have Twitter post to LinkedIn.

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