5 Ways to Rock Your Pinterest Account Like a Pro

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Pinterest: the ultimate source of entertainment and time wasting for Internet users. It’s also a great reminder of how un-Martha-Stewart-like we all are, yet we keep on Pinning. Recipes, crafts, inspirational quotes, home ideas, business tips, educational materials, websites to read, pictures of cats… it’s all there, just waiting for you to log in. Pinterest is a potential gold-mine for most businesses, but the majority fail on this social media platform- miserably. Why?

Pinterest Tips

5 Ways to Rock Your Pinterest Account Like a Pro

1. Check Your Links

One of the worst Pinterest mistakes businesses can make is pinning a broken link. Users see a nice picture, like the headline or idea, and click through, only to be greeted by a 404 page. It’s even worse when people pin in a hurry to save information for action later, and when they sit down to actually DO SOMETHING with all those pins, half of them are useless.

Broken Pinterest links produce a bad user experience, which is a big no-no in the world of online business. It leaves users with a bad impression of your brand, even if they’ve never visited your Website. Taking the extra two seconds to actually click your pins can help you save face.

2. Don’t Forget SEO

Pinterest’s search engine is a lot like Google back in the 90s. It’s a little slow, and a lot basic. That’s why using strategic keywords in your titles, image ALTs and descriptions can help get your pins in front of the people who are looking for what you have to offer. Your Pinterest SEO campaign doesn’t have to be crazy-complicated. Use Google’s instant search (autocomplete) feature to come up with a dozen common keywords related to your product or service. This gives you an idea of what people are actually searching for online. You may sell a blue widget that helps kids sleep better, but people are Googling, “Why won’t my toddler stay in bed?” or,  “How much sleep does a two year old need?” Those questions are both great topics (and long-tail keywords) for Pins.

3. Be Very Choosey About Your Images

Choosey moms choose a certain peanut butter, and smart social media managers choose original images. Bright, colorful, eye catching images will get your pins noticed. Choosing the same stock photo 25 other business have used before won’t get your pins repinned. If you can’t afford to purchase original photos, consider snapping a few yourself, or at least altering a few stock photos in an image editor to make them stand out.

Choose photos that evoke emotion and keep in mind that the majority of your Pinterest viewers are likely to be women. Pay attention to details and choose esthetically pleasing images that appeal to your target demographic.

Pinterest Tips

4. Back Up Your Pins with Content

The most intriguing images online won’t help your business if your don’t have the content to back it up. It’s a but like opening a huge, beautifully wrapped present on Christmas morning only to find the box is full of tissue paper- and nothing else. Each of your pins should contain a valid link back to a page on your Website filled with content that WOWS. Link your absolute best content to your pins, and use tracking codes to make sure you know when your pins are driving traffic to your landing pages and blog posts.

Use dynamic content with videos, images, and actionable points Pintrest users will love. Make all your images easily pinnable and shareable on other social media platforms. Always include a call to action and easy-to-find contact info for your business.

5. Increase Your Budget

While “Go Big or Go Home” may not be an accurate Pinterest campaign motto, you should plan to throw some money at you campaigns. Pinterest has a unique snowball effect that can be initiated by a few sponsored, strategically placed pins. One user sees your HIGH QUALITY AN RELEVANT PIN, and she pins it to her board. Twenty of her friends are following her boards and they see your pin the next time they login. 10 of those friends add your pin to one of their boards, and the process continues.

If you already have high quality, relevant pins and boards, spending some money to get this pins in front of users can be the catalyst you need to a Pinterest rockstar.

Attention to details like clickable, valid links will go a long way toward launching you Pinterest campaign successfully. If you have questions or need help, consider contacting the Pinterest rockstars at REV Media Marketing. They can take your Pinterest account from the break room cork board to Trending Pins recommendations.


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