5 Brand Building Ideas Using Social Media

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Social Media Done Wrong Can Cost You

While social media can be a great way to leverage your marketing dollar, it also can cost you a lot more than your actual budget if done wrong.  The key to a successfully building a brand online, especially with social media, is to create a road map with tangible hills to take.  Know what you are are doing, why and when.

Keeping Score In Social Media

The best thing about social media is also the worst thing.  It’s too easy to jump online and get started so many times people just go for it with no finish line.  Direct response is your light at the end of your funnel.

In order to make sure you are spending your money and time (time IS money people) chasing “popularity”, make sure you clearly understand what a win means.

What Game Are You Playing?

Start by determining if you are going after building awareness, authority, affinity or a new sales channel, then use all your channels to support that strategy.

For example you might mention your Facebook fan page in your newsletter or email campaign.  You could use radio to drive traffic to a campaign online where you have a good chance of converting them into a customer or sale.  A direct response TV campaign can be very inexpensive and used to also drive traffic to a fun contest you are running.

Regardless of your “why” for social media, following these 5 steps will help you stay focused and make the most of your minutes and marketing dollars.

Building your brand using social media allows you to develop new (and strengthen existing) relationships, which often leads to everything from brand awareness, loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. While perhaps initially daunting, the trick is to break the process into manageable pieces. From creating your online destinations to connecting with influencers, following these five steps will get you on your way to building your brand and boosting your business.

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