3 Reasons Why Facebook Likes Are Social Media Gold

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3 Reasons Why Facebook Likes Are Social Media GoldWhat are your Facebook fans really worth to your business?

Likes on Facebook boost your search rankings, drive sales, and increase social proof among your target audience.

Read on to find out how.

1. Facebook Likes Push you up the Search Rankings.

With competition online already fierce and getting tougher every day, the chances of your website hitting Google’s front page are slim.

For most small businesses and freelancers seeking a high Google ranking, their Facebook page is a safer bet than their website.

When Google crawls your Facebook page, it looks at how many likes you have, and how much your fans are talking about you. The more that people are talking about you, the better ranking Google gives you.

2. Facebook Likes Convert to Cash

How much each Facebook Like is worth to you depends on your business, and how much you engage with your Facebook fans.

You can only find out how much each Like is worth to you by tracking your metrics.

That said, recent research estimated every Facebook Like is worth $8. Meanwhile, the cost of obtaining a Like through promoted campaigns is just $1.07.

(Interesting story. When SumAll, a business reporting tool for online businesses, started tracking social metrics, they expected social media to have little impact on sales. They were “stunned” to find a clear link between social engagement and sales).

3. Facebook Likes Spread the Word

Facebook likes act as social proof.

In other words, every Facebook Like is a small endorsement of your brand. The more Likes you have, the better the chances that prospects will want to engage when they discover your Facebook page.

What’s more, whenever someone likes your brand on Facebook, their friends get to hear about it. Over 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over other forms of advertising.

Bonus: 5 Little Tips to Boost Your Like Count

  1. Integrate Facebook into your website. At minimum, include a Like Button on every page. Even better, use a Facebook comments module on your interactive pages to get even more people talking about your brand.
  2. Make sure you’ve filled out your profile info. Unless you’re a globally recognized megabrand, people will want to know more about you before they like you.
  3. Use polls and contests to pull in more fans.
  4. Offer exclusive treats to your fans, such as offers and promotions, or links to special content on your website.
  5. Post regular updates. Two or three updates every day is ideal. This keeps your audience engaged.

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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