3 Easy Ways Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page (do them today)

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Social media marketing | Facebook Fan Pages MakeoverWho likes change? Not many people.

(Unless of course it’s your idea.)

In the case of Facebook, going more than 30 days without a major change seems to be a pipe dream.

Facebook is notorious for the, “hare today gone tomorrow” strategy forcing you to keep your ears and eyes wide open to prepare to adjust your social media marketing strategy on Facebook.  And while the tortoise won the race, it did have to actually enter, so get up off the sidelines now if you want to get in the game and start optimizing your brand’s social media strategy.

Now is the time to leverage the new format on Facebook to amp up your brand to make sure they know who you are and what you stand for the minute you land on their page.

Here are 3 simple things you can do right now, in just a few minutes, to get moving in the right direction:

1.  Choose tab names (up to 35 characters) with strong emotional appeal.

The tabs across the top of the page in plain sight have now been moved to the left side bar.  This just means you have to get a little more creative with getting them interested in you.  Now that you have up to 35 characters for the name of your tab, you have a better chance to use a strong call to action instead of a boring couple of words.  Consider have a tab called  “What I Can Do For You” instead of About Me.

2.  Use photos to tell a story.

As the article from Social Media Examiner “How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page for Visual Branding” breaks down, a picture says a thousand words.

Microcenter Brand

Optimize To Realize ROI

Start by making sure your image on the left hand side of the page (aka your “profile photo” on a regular Facebook page) is optimized by using a large banner so you can add marketing copy ( call to action), like I’ve shown here from my client Microcenter who hired me to be their social media consultant and manage their social media marketing campaigns.




Note it is well branded but simple focused on giving their fans a reason to like us (giving away ipad2) and has an arrow pointing down to where they should click to like.

Also make sure the photos going across the page horizontally are carefully chosen and visually tell your story in a way that is meaningful to your audience.  It’s important to note too much text can confuse your visitor.

Remember you are selling the like, not your entire brand.

Give them one reason to click yes and you got what you needed.  By using photos to tell your story, you will grab their attention and have a better chance to connect emotionally which means you have a great opportunity to make a life long connection.

3.  Create a default welcome tab for fans to land on after they like you.

You can customize messages weekly on your tab, which can now be done within Facebook verses using an outside company to put an application on your page. With the new iframe applications it isn’t hard to have your blog show up in this frame, keeping it very dynamic.

The welcome tab is key to converting Facebook fans into lifetime fans by getting them into YOUR funnel outside of Facebook with giveaways, contests, etc. I strongly recommend changing your messaging on your default page at least 2 times per month, if not more.

For more ideas on how you can really give your audience a visual on your brand, please check out this great article at Social Media Examiner…

As of March 10, 2011, it became official—the new Facebook page layout was applied to all fan pages. Now that the dust has settled, bugs addressed and some tweaks made, admins can now focus their attention on making the most of what Facebook has given them, which is a LOT of screen real estate!

Essentially, the new page layout gives over two-thirds of the available screen space to brands (see the red boxes in the image below), with Facebook reserving only its narrow blue band at the top and the right column for its own content.

Read more here….


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