3 Easy Ways To Get Back On Track

by Lori Taylor · 4 comments

Imagine your house has just gone up in flames…

Visualize a real life made-for-TV 6 p.m. news story blaze – a burning inferno!

Now picture this…

Your face covered in sweat has turned almost black from the smoke.  Falling to your knees, face buried in the cool dew of the grass, sheer determination the only lifeline you had. Bruises cover you from head to toe. Is that blood, tears or sweat in your right eye? A coughing fit racks your body. Every bone in your body feels like it’s broken. Still gasping for air, fighting for every breath – you smile. Gratitude begins to flood into your cells with the sweet flavor of oxygen bringing you slowly back to reality. Rejoicing you made it out alive, marveling at the grit and sheer determination coming out of nowhere as you fought to live – you say thank you. In a zombie like state, a fleeting thought flutter by, “Is this a dream?” It feels a nightmare – only it’s not. It’s your life. Or was. And as tears stream down your face, horrified at your loss…the numbness finally begins to wear off.…

And belatedly the question sneaks in,  “Oh God, what did you leave in there?” 

Now, take control and ask yourself, “What’s still in the house worth “facing the fire” to risk your life to “save”?”

Would your computer be worth it? How about your phone? What about your brand new ipad? I could go on and one, but let’s get real…

Is there really any one “thing” worth your LIFE?

Sure if you heard your child, probably any child screaming for their life, there isn’t anything or anyone who could keep you from trading your safety for theirs, right?

And that’s my point.

(An entire police force couldn’t keep me from saving MY baby – you can bank on that.)

Now play along with me for a minute, just because you can and ask yourself this…

Have you ever stepped away from dinner with your family or loved one to grab an “important” phone call?

Have you ever rushed your child to bed to get back on your computer to finish up that “mission critical” project?

Have you ever sat at a baseball game or a piano or dance recital taking sneak peaks at your phone because you “have to”?

If you’re human, I bet you have! 

But, now pretend everything is on the line…

Would you risk your life to walk through fire to “save” your crack berry?

No. You wouldn’t. (Or at least I HOPE you wouldn’t… )

Yet every single time you let technology steal your precious minutes from the only people that matter, isn’t that pretty much using your life as a credit card? Is being accessible to your clients 24 hours a day, a slave to your business, worth the price your loved ones pay?  

Considering the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships, how much are you investing into YOU? Every time you’ve disappointed your friends, family (even yourself), aren’t you taking out a billboard, “advertising” to the world,  “Relationships don’t matter, but business does!”

Unfortunately, I believe it really is that black and white…

How you deal with people, opportunities, disappointments, stress at work, the gym, grocery store, you name it – that’s your LIFE!! No matter what costume you chose to throw on in that moment, your life is comprised of series of choices; nothing more, nothing less.

If you only had one minute left to live, would you choose to trade the business deal of a lifetime for a minute to say good-bye to someone you loved? And if you’re thinking, “Duh…”

Maybe you want to ask yourself who’s to say this moment right now, is NOT your last moment?

You have no idea, really – you just think you know.

What’s sad is that most of us wait for the fire to burn you alive, until we begin to actively “participate” in our choices. You’d be surprised at how little oxygen you let in, comfortable breathing in smoke that slowly chokes the life out of you.

Think of it like this…

You get sick. A loved one gets sick. Or any disaster strikes….what do you do? When extreme choices are put in front of us, we typically choose from the heart and do pretty good!

Waiting to be knocked down by life, needing to be laying face down on your front yard, gasping for air with tears on your cheeks, to face the “fire”, to “get it”…that’s not much of an offense is it? Actively participating by making choices that serve you in all aspects of your life now, is the only way to truly be the master of your life.

Remember –it’s your life – you make the rules!

Yes there are exceptions to every rule, but the good news is YOU make the rules through every choice you make. It’s YOUR life created by YOUR choices. Because c’mon, let’s face it, not even Tony Robbins himself can walk into your life and make you believe anything you don’t want to, even if you invite him in.

You can take control NOW just by doing these 3 things…

#1 Pay attention to your beliefs.

Identify how your beliefs are affecting your decisions, before setting priorities.

#2 Be flexible and bring fluidity to your life.

If something isn’t working then make a choice to change what’s important to you.

#3 Forgive yourself when you make bad choices.

Just go back to step 2 and have a little do over.

What about you…

Are you an “urgency junkie”? Does the squeaky wheel get the grease? I’d love to hear how you balance what you know with what you feel and how you stay focused to set priorities that serve all aspects of your life.

Lori Taylor


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Janet Callaway September 1, 2011 at 5:10 am

WOW! Fantastic, Lori. That definitely puts it in perspective. Thx so much for this powerful reminder. Aloha. Janet


Sherwin at imarketSB September 1, 2011 at 11:01 am

This article hit the spot. Perfect timing too. First time reader and commenter.


Jessica September 1, 2011 at 2:05 pm

WOW! What a great post! This really hit home for me, as I am struggling with time management and prioritizing the “have to’s” and the “want to’s”. This is all stuff I know, but it never hurts to have a swift kick in the butt to remind me about what’s really important. Thank you for that!


Sharonthoms September 2, 2011 at 3:45 am

Interesting post and also rang true for me Just starting a new blog at the min i’m always thinking i’ll make it up to you,my family that is with the extra time i’m having to put in at the min but thanks for reminding me thst we are not in control wether we will even be here tomorrow to make up that precious time


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