3 Crazy Things Your Mom Said That Will Murder Your Blog

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3 Crazy Things Your Mom Told You That Will Kill Your Blog Instantly

Mom and KidMy mom had a saying for everything. Her favorite was, “Because I said so.”

It’s probably the one I hated most. It is, after all, the dumbest, though it closely tied with, “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?”

But there were a couple of momisms I not only bought hook, line, and sinker, but felt were so brilliant, I actually shoved her off the soapbox and have since started singing the same song and dance to my own five kids!

And I really believed my own you-know-what, until I started blogging, and it sounds even crazier now when I type it out loud!

1: You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

C’mon who are you kidding– what else do people judge it by?

The cover is the ONLY way to get noticed by someone who isn’t your neighbor, relative, or lover, to give you a thin sliver of their attention.

I worked for RR Donnelley for 17 years, the largest printer in the world with over 12 billion in sales. We printed Harry Potter, the 911 Report and the Sears Catalog. Guess what? The cover matters!

My clients spent millions testing the right look and feel to find the right jacket to move the most product. As an online website conversion specialist, I know the color of a submit button can lift response by over 20%.

So yes, when people are shopping on Amazon and you want their attention: Looks matter.

Your blog is your book cover, the first impression of you and the initial invite to visitors to check out the rest of your house. The right design doesn’t just have to look good – it must feel good to your readers by matching up with your style and voice.

First impressions matter, but lasting ones count, especially online where a greener pasture is always a click away. Using WordPress themes like Genesis, Thesis, Woo Themes, or Catalyst is a great way to dress your blog without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

I’m not suggesting you plaster a nice theme on a bunch of misspelled, poorly punctuated, random thoughts and think it will cut the mustard (another momism- what does it even mean?)
Here are some quick tips to enhance your blog, without overdoing it.

Make sure your categories in the navigation bar are relevant.

Tag your articles appropriately.

Take the time to have your Facebook fan page and Twitter widget in your sidebar.

Be easy to share from a want to and an able to with a WIBIYA free pop-up plugin for the bottom of your blog, which will help people share all the brilliant things you have to say.

Be selective. Don’t have every social share button on your post, and stay focused on the platforms where you participate.

2 Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Never Hurt Me

Ask Dell if that’s true!

Blogger Jeff Jarvis got so upset with their service one day, he unleashed his words on them and was able to inspire a big chunk of the tech-blogging community, hurting Dell where they felt it the most – their stock price. The CEO finally screamed, “Uncle,” reaching out to Jeff himself to beg mercy. And while Jeff might have wanted to punch someone in the nose, this was probably more fun and effective.

Don’t tell me words don’t matter. Words are one of the only things that matter online!

And apparently no one was listening when moms everywhere said, “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Just take a look at Digg’s top headlines if you don’t believe me; you won’t find a whole lot of love, hope, or happiness at the top of that pile.

Brands spend millions to manage their online brand reputation. Sloppy seconds don’t refer to second chances, at least online. Get it right the first time or pay the price later. If you are serious about what people are saying about your brand, start using tools to track the mentions of your brand, product, or service.

Not only is it a great opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade, it’s also good business to gauge the pulse of your competition by tracking their mentions as well.

3 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Unless you’re Kevin Costner, the Field of Dreams strategy doesn’t work. Information moves fast and furious; jump in and start swimming, or drown.

Making mistakes is part of the magic; sometimes failing means nothing more than trying and taking a wrong turn. Even if you wrap yourself around a tree, at least you were driving on a path instead of sitting on the couch and hoping. There is no perfect plan or words that can make all your dreams come true; only actions can get reactions.

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Yep, at least for now, my mom was right about that.

Sometimes just knowing what you want as opposed to exactly how to do it is a step in the right direction. Ask people like Jonathan Fields who left a successful career as a lawyer to make it happen online.

Or Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, one of the best blogs for learning how to write better copy and optimize your content. Brian is well-known for successfully building, then leveraging a crowd of ravenous fans to the tune of tens of millions of dollars by taking his time and being patient, but taking action every step of the way.

If you want to see someone who is an open book with a play-by-play on every win and loss he’s made online, check out Darren Rowse at Problogger to become a better blogger and make money!

And if you’re still stumbling and fumbling, confused by all the social media tools and platforms, one of the best how-to social media blogs in the business is Social Media Examiner, owned by Michael Stelzner.

If your mom was like my mom, she may have gotten more than her toes frostbitten walking barefoot both ways to school in the snow, so you have to take some of what she said with a grain of salt!

It’s your time – it’s your life. Follow your best instincts and give it everything you’ve got.

There’s no sense in letting anyone hold you back from being the next big thing – which according to my grandma are a dime a dozen, but that’s a different book.


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