23 Experts Every Smart Writer Follows on Google+

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Google+ For Writers

Information is thrown in our faces at an overwhelming rate, which is why I’m beyond thankful for Google+ circles.

As a writer, I’m able to create feeds to consolidate article research, industry news, and personal interests.

Here are my favorite experts to follow on Google+ as they apply to my writing career (in no particular order):

1. Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert, Co-author of Facebook Marketing All In One for Dummies

2. Copyblogger

Become a Smarter Content Marketer

3. Craig Jarrow

Time Management Expert, Time Management Ninja Blogger

4. FreelanceSwitch

Jobs, News, Articles, and Advice for Freelancers

5. Grammar Girl

Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

6. Gretchen Rubin

Happiness Expert, Blogger + Author of The Happiness Project

7. Jamie Turner

Social and Mobile Marketing Expert

8. Jane Friedman

Web Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review

9. Joanna Penn

Specializing in Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing

10. Joe Bunting

Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter, The Write Practice Blogger

11. Joel Friedlander

Self-Publishing Expert, The Book Designer

12. John Jantsch

Blogger + Author of Duct Tape Marketing

13. John Paul Aguiar

Blogging Business Expert, Blogger at Money Dummy Blog

14. Kristi Hines

Freelance Writer and Social Media Enthusiast, Kikolani Blogger

15. Leo Babauta

Simplicity Expert, Zen Habits Blogger

16. Lifehack

Productivity and Lifestyle Tips

17. Lifehacker

Tips, Tricks, and Technology for Living Better in the Digital Age

18. Mike Vardy

Productivity Expert, Productivityist Blogger

19. Small Business Trends

Award-Winning Online Publication for Small Business Owners

20. Social Media Delivered

“All We Do Is Social Media”

21. Social Media Examiner

World’s Largest Online Social Media Magazine

22. The Next Web

Global Technology News, Business and Culture

23. Tina Su

Blogger + Editor of Think Simple Now

Who do you love following on Google+?


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Krissy Brady

Krissy Brady is a freelance writer from Gravenhurst, Ontario. She freelances for women’s magazines and is currently writing her first screenplay. Like the women she writes for, she wants to have it all, but first needs to figure out what that means.

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