16 Point Oil Check For Your Brand Engine

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You think you know what you are doing – your results speak for themselves right?

But where could you do better?

Do you know where you fall on the bell curve of marketing experts?

For me, I like to start with your customers behaviors for shopping and buying.  This will tell me a lot about who buys from you, what they buy and make some assumptions on how to expand their “basket” with you.  Too many people focus on acquisition strategies and miss easy opportunities to position other products to your existing base.

However, before I can make any recommendations, I need to work directly with the brand to understand what the brand promise is, and how they have associate attributes, benefits and values to the customer.  More importantly, I do extensive market research to identify how the brand is being translated by the customer.  You’d be surprised how out of tune many brands are with why their customers actually purchase.

Once you understand that, you can be well on your way to driving more sales, more traffic and ultimately growing your brand beyond your wildest dream.

This 16 point checklist from Branding Strategy Insider is a great “oil check” for your brand.

Over the past decade, I have helped hundreds of organizations refine their brand management and marketing efforts. In so doing, I have gotten pretty good at making a fairly quick assessment of an organization’s or individual’s marketing capabilities. Here are some of the signs that the organization or individual knows what it/he/she is doing regarding brand management and marketing:

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