14+ Free Twitter Resources That We’d Gladly Pay For

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Free Twitter Resources

The Smarta Twitter eBook

Why we love it: Because it’s written by some of the biggest hitters in the UK business world, from Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne to the UK marketing director of Brother, Phil Jones.

What you’ll learn: This eBook covers the basics of what Twitter is about and provides advanced strategies for experienced Twitter users. The diverse array of writers gives you a variety of perspectives on how best to use Twitter.

Published by: Smarta. Follow Smarta on Twitter @smartaHQ.

The Simple Twitter Book

Why we love it: This is the book for you if you find Twitter jargon baffling. Author Brent Ozar wrote it to answer questions he kept getting from friends about Twitter. So if you’ve ever had any simple Twitter questions, you’ll find the answers here.

What you’ll learn: Ozar covers the basics of Twitter, such as picking a profile picture, choosing a username, and setting your profile colors. On top of that, he explains Twitter jargon such as “RT” and “OH” and helps you start thinking strategically about how to grow your Twitter following.

Written and Published by: Brent Ozar. Follow Brent on Twitter @BrentO.

If you like this book, you may also like Twitter for Beginners, published by Social Media DIY and How to Get Twitter Followers, an in-depth guide by Rignite.

How to Attract Customers With Twitter and Vine

Why we love it: HubSpot is renowned for their solid marketing advice, and this eBook is no exception. It’s targeted at intermediate Twitter users, so it’s perfect if you know the basics of Twitter and want to take your networking to the next level. Also, it covers Vine, which means you’ll be 100% up to date on video marketing with Twitter.

What you’ll learn: You’ll pick up strategies on how to optimize your tweets to help potential customers find your brand. You’ll also learn how to use Twitter Vine as part of your social strategy and how to measure the ROI of your social marketing.

Written by Anum Hussain and published by HubSpot. Follow Anum on Twitter @anum. Follow HubSpot on Twitter@hubspot.

Twitter for Freelancers

Why we love it: Because it’s beautifully designed, and the tips are timeless. Whether or not you’re a freelancer, you’ll discover how to be a better Tweeter by reading this short book.

What you’ll learn: The 10 tips in this book will give you a social mindset. They’re not in-depth strategies, but they will transform the way you think about and use Twitter.

Written and published by: Joe Dawson. Follow Joe on Twitter @jdwn.

Note: To download Twitter for Freelancers, you will be asked to “Pay With a Tweet.” That means you’ll have to share a tweet promoting the book before you’re given a download link.

The Essential Guide to Recruiting on Twitter

Why we love it: Most Twitter books are written from a “how to promote yourself” perspective, which is great. But this book offers a different point of view, as the aim is to help you find great people.

What you’ll learn: Author Katrina Collier covers the basics of setting up a Twitter account. You’ll find out how to use hashtags and how to favorite tweets. The section on finding people gives pointers to useful tools for discovering great Tweeters.

Written and published by: Katrina Collier. Follow Katrina on Twitter: @WinningImpress.

If you enjoy this book, you can delve deeper by reading How to connect with Influencers on Twitter by Rakesh Kumar.

How Aaron Lee Got 400k Followers on Twitter

Why we love it: This is a blog post rather than an eBook, so it’s short and to the point. Aaron shows the exact tools and strategies he uses to win hundreds of thousands of followers and stay in touch with all of them.

What you’ll learn: You’ll find out how to manage your Twitter account effectively using third party tools such as Buffer App, Triberr, and ManageFlitter.

Written by: Aaron Lee. Follow Aaron on Twitter @AskAaronLee.

If you enjoyed this blog post, you’ll love 7 Ways I Accidentally Got More Twitter Followers (And 7 Ways You Can on Purpose!) by Mandy Kilinskis.

A scientific guide to writing great headlines on Twitter

Why we love it: If you don’t write great headlines, the links you share on Twitter won’t get clicks. If you fail to get clicks, you’re not engaging your audience. That’s why writing headlines is one of the most important skills you can pick up.

What you’ll learn: This blog post is stuffed-to-bursting with valuable information, including the most retweetable words and a process for test-driving content on Twitter before you turn it into a blog post.

Written by: Leo Widrich. Follow Leo on Twitter @leowid.

If you liked this post, then you can learn more by reading How to Write the Perfect Tweet by Shea Bennett.

Lori R Taylor is the founder and executive editor of Social Caffeine. In 2009 she started her own direct response focused social media agency, REV Media Marketing LLC, coining the phrase given by her young son, “You bring the rain, we’ll make it pour.” Follow Lori on Twitter.

David is our acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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