12 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Stop Wasting Time on Google+

by Krissy Brady · 4 comments

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One of the most fulfilling things we can do is support the causes we believe in. For those who run the organizations we love, here are 12 ways to spread the word while saving time:

1. Create a Page

It goes without saying Pages are for business and Profiles are for people. More than that, creating a page for your organization establishes a more cohesive branding experience than if you were to just use your personal profile.

As your organization grows, you can have other volunteers maintain the page too, giving your followers the chance to get to know everyone on your team.

2. Create a Compelling About Tab

The About section is the first place people will go to learn more about your organization. Make it bold and inviting, and do your best to incorporate organic keywords as they relate to your cause.

3. Curate the Best Possible Content

Create Circles based on the categories of information you need to keep track of for your organization, and follow the top information providers in each category. Consolidating your browsing efforts into one place saves a lot of time and headaches.

4. It’s Not About You: It’s About Your Cause

Yes, you’re going to contact your followers in the future, letting them know of fundraising events and other ways to contribute to your cause, but first of all you have to get them interested. Show them how passionate you are about your cause in general before bringing organization requests into the mix.

5. Offer a Variety of Content

Post success stories, images, videos, statistics, quotes, links, calls to action, all using a dynamic voice your followers will want to connect with.

6. Host Themed Hangouts

If you want to raise awareness about certain issues your organization represents, host themed Google+ Hangouts where potential supporters can ask questions.

(Hangouts are also a great way to announce upcoming fundraising events and meet with volunteers to discuss strategy.)

7. Collect Ideas for Blog/Social Media Content

Create private circles for when you find stellar studies/stats/news you’d like to incorporate into future blog and social media posts. When it comes time to map out your next editorial calendar, you’ll be armed and ready!

8. Save Searches About Your Cause

Subtly raise awareness for your organization by participating in discussions relating to your cause. An efficient way to do so is to save related searches to your profile so you can periodically check in for updates.

9. Create a VIP Circle

Keep track of followers who avidly share your posts, comment, donate, and volunteer. Add them to a VIP Circle where you can regularly keep in touch with them and send thank yous for their help in spreading the word.

A little appreciation will go a long way to creating raving fans for your organization.

10. Use Compelling Profile Images

Use your logo as your avatar, or the image you use within the rest of your social media accounts. Use a compelling cover photo that fully encapsulates the emotions you want to convey.

First impressions are everything, and by creating an atmosphere for your page, it’ll be that much easier to create a consistent editorial calendar.

11. Add Author Tags to Your Blog

Adding author tags to your blog will make it so that when your organization’s posts come up in search results, your image will appear next to the post description. It’s a subtle, professional way to build awareness and trust. Here’s how to make it happen.

12. Make Your +1s Public

+1 the best of the best about your cause and content from other organizations who support it. In this instance, everybody wins, and other organizations will return the favor when you post new content.

How do you use Google+ to your advantage?


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Lori Ferguson March 20, 2013 at 8:48 am

Thanks so much – valuable post. I’m still trudging through the nuances of Google+ For some reason it just isn’t intuitive for me. I appreciate your clarity.


LoriRTaylor March 22, 2013 at 6:29 am

Totally my pleasure Lori! I’m glad you found the post useful – sometimes, it’s really hard to dig through the online clutter and find the exact tools you need. It’s a process, and I know you’ll rock it. 🙂 *Krissy


Peter Pereira October 11, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Really awesome pages for a Google+ page for a fundrasing campaign. I have really enjoy it and I will apply some of this ideas in our own 😉


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