11 Ways to Flood Your Sales Funnel With Prospects Using Twitter

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With over 170 million active users (and half a billion total users) – all of whom you can talk with directly – Twitter provides a torrent of prospects to fill your sales funnel to overflowing.

Whether you want prospects to subscribe to your blog, sign up to your email list, buy products from your website, or call you to book a sales appointment, Twitter’s the place to be.

Here’s how to build your funnel to tap into Twitter’s abundant streams.

1. Get yourself onto Twitter already! Two in five (42%) of Twitter users are there to learn about products and services, and half of those (21% of users) use Twitter to make purchases.

2. Write yourself a biography. Twitter accounts with a bio have, on average, eight times as many followers as those without.

3. Put up a photo of your smiling face. Profile pictures are even more powerful than biographies, increasing the average follower count by ten times.

4. Schedule tweets, frequently. Businesses who schedule tweets generate three times as many leads on Twitter as those who don’t.

5. Offer exclusive discounts to your followers. Over a quarter (28%) of active Twitter users log on to look for discounts and promotions.

6. Monitor what others are saying about your brand, and share it in your Twitter feed as a Twestimonial. One third (31%) of active Tweeters use Twitter to find opinions about products and services.

7. Track your clickthroughs so you can keep tabs on what works (and what doesn’t). When Dell joined Twitter in 2007, they took 18 months to earn their first $1 million from Twitter sales. By learning what worked, and continuing to build their following, it took Dell just 6 months to bring in their next million dollars.

8. Ask your followers to help develop your products. When Sony offered its followers the chance to build a customized laptop, they boosted their sales from Twitter by $1.5 million.

9. Create a dedicated landing page on your site for your Twitter followers. Use this page to introduce prospects to your brand, and pull them deeper into your funnel with an opt-in email list. Link to this page from your Twitter account.

10. Get your employees on Twitter and compete for the most followers (Zappos did this to broaden their impact on Twitter).

11. Retweet and favorite the tweets of potential customers and business contacts you want to make. Do this regularly, and you will get noticed.

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David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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