100% of Your Followers are Tuned to THIS Radio Station

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Are you broadcasting?

Every single one of your followers and fans are tuned to this radio station.

Whether you have 10 followers, 10,000, or 10 million they’re all listening right now, 24 hours a day, on the exact same frequency.

The question is: are your broadcasting on their wavelength?

What’s the station? WiiFM.


Every tweet your write, every Facebook update you post, every picture you Pin to your boards, you can be sure your followers will ask one simple question:

What’s in it For Me?

WiiFM is the frenquency all your listeners are tuned to. As copywriter Andy Maslen says:

“Send your message on this frequency, and you’ll have a far better chance of being listened to.”

Crackle up Your Broadcast with Static

If you want your readers to tune out from what you’re saying, or if you want your transmission to get lost in crackly static, there’s a simple solution: broadcast on any wavelength other than WiiFM.

Want a wavelength that’s guarunteed to fail? Try WIII: What I’m Interested In.

How to Broadcast on WiiFM

With everything you post, tweet or pin on social networks, ask yourself: does this matter to my followers? If the answer is yes, ask: how does it matter? In other words, why is the update valuable to your followers? Why does it deserve a precious moment of their life?

When you know how it matters, you’re ready to post your update. If you’re unsure how it matters, you’re better to stay silent. (Hint: Often this is an intuitive process, rather than consciously thought out. The more time you spend on social media, the more you’ll become a natural at knowing what your followers want)

Your most frequent posts should be to useful and/or entertaining information.

When you’re posting links to these articles, videos or infographics, it’s tempting to use the original headline. Sometimes the original headline is PERFECT for your update. Often, you can improve it for your readers, and add value in the process. Study the art of writing headlines to find out how to grab the attention of your followers with your updates and encourage them to click your links.

This is not to say you should never post updates from your personal life. What’s in it for your followers could be a deeper and more meaningful relationship with you. This is especially true on social media accounts you use to stay in touch with family and friends. But it’s also true in business. Social media is about building relationships, and that means being open, honest and real with your customers.

Lastly (and I hope this is obvious by now!), keep self-promotional updates to a minimum. A healthy ratio is one self-promotional update in every ten.

That’s it!

The next time you’re posting an update, and everytime you post in the future, remember to broadcast on WiiFM.

(WiiFM was coined by the British copywriter Andy Maslen in his excellent book, Write to Sell. You can check out Andy’s blog here)

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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