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“She’s raised over $4 Billion Dollars...”

“I’ve never seen a more powerful speaker than Lori. She blew the audience away. A mother of 5, landing things on the moon, started a dog food company that was ranked 39th on the INC 500 - because her dog died of cancer, and then casually mentions she’s raised over $4 billion dollars, $5,00 at a time for Disabled American Veterans. She changed my language that day, reminded me I’d lost my vision for my company, and that day - well, she shifted this soul. Tears of gratitude…she is God’s gift to women empowerment.”

Kim Rubin, Executive Producer

“Generous and total force of nature...”

“Lori is a brilliant strategic thinker. Her emotional intelligence is next level. She can shift any victim conversation into an empowered perspective – no one says the truth kinder or better. She is generous and kind and is a total force of nature. She will hold you high and never let you sell out on yourself.”

Sonja Nuttall, Fashion Designer

“She inspires all around her to believe...”

“I have known Lori as an entrepreneur who is a constant bubble of ideas. I have known Lori as a marketing force, where she distinguishes herself from all others as a contemporary innovative thinker. Lori is also a limitless source of energy that surpasses the likes of anything I have seen. She inspires all around her to believe and persevere. She is truly one of a kind, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

John A Walsh, Executive Director ESPN


The Companies God Helped Me Build.

Julia Morgan

Best Selling Author

Julia Morgan

"If content is king and context is queen, you need to be relevant and extraordinary if you want to go viral."


"Going viral isn’t something you can bank on...it’s a happening. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t."


Outrageously Authentic

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