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How A “Nobody” Made His Idea Happen At YouTube

by Lori Taylor · 21 comments

social media marketing|video marketingWho doesn’t love seeing the little guy win?

Even the big guys get inspired by surprising social media marketing wins by “the average joe”.

This story is awesome…

Some guy had an invention for bad breath. He presented to a group of college students and it was determined only 8% of people would be interested so he almost quit before he even got started.

Now pay attention – this is the good part…

Statistics without context mean NOTHING.

Pay attention to the numbers, respect them but then translate them to what it would mean to YOUR business.

Luckily, one brave student (maybe some would say he was too “dumb” to know better) raised his hand and said, “Yeah but 8% would still be millions of people…are you sure you don’t want to try? I’d be willing to help you.”

Now keep in mind the inventor had tried to get distribution deals but no one cared.

He was a “nobody”. No story, no following, nothing.

Sound familiar?

Just another guy with an “idea”.

And then another “nobody” offers to help.  Would you have said yes?  Would you have believed?

Well guess what guys?

Marketing done right can make those ideas HAPPEN even if you’re a NOBODY.

Social media HAS leveled the playing field.

Has it made it more noisy? Absolutely.

Are people beginning to suffer from “digital fatigue”? You betcha!

So what does that mean for you?

You have to try harder.

You have to be smarter.

And believe.  Never quit on before trying.

You must focus on relevancy, be interesting and extraordinary and you might just go viral.

As I tell MY clients, “Going viral is not a strategy – but it’s a kick ass “happening”.”

And for a few hundred bucks – one guy with an idea partnered with another with a vision for a social media marketing strategy and it was a match made in YouTube heaven.

Product or service demonstrations via video is one of the best ways to move away from feature focused marketing and transform into a story that people can relate to. Touch them on an emotional level to show how you could solve THEIR problem using your system is almost a sure fire way to get them coming back for me.

As I’ve said before, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t hold his head under the water and expect him to want to drink. Consumers are no different.

But let them “discover” you with a message that keeps them interested and motivated to “help” their friends with your solution?

Man oh man – that’s the key to your success – offline or online.

Just think if you were targeted with your YouTube promotion and found even 10,000 people to be interested in YOU in your local brand?

Be smarter with identifying your target audience and there’s no “telling” who they might “tell”.

If I had a restaurant – I’d have videos and photos of all my fabulous “specials”. I’d ask for reviews and support from my fans!

If I was a dentist or a plastic surgeon I wouldn’t just focus on fancy before and after photos. Bohrrring!

But having a customer give a video testimonial telling me I changed their life?

Especially if the person was average and people could relate to them?

Would I jump on that?

Does a fat boy love cake?

Heck yeah – all day every day. It would be a top line focus for me and it should be for you too!

Go word of mouth.

Go social media.

And cheers to the little guys with hopes and dreams for making a better world and making a few bucks along the way.

Grand freaking slam in my book. All day, every day. What do you think?

The first video below is background on the story – it’s short and WORTH it.

This video is how the magic happened. And yes, 10 million plus viewers is magic people – for any brand – anyone – for YOU.

Lori Taylor


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