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Looking for new opportunities? Maybe you want to find your dream job, discover what you’re capable of, or connect with people from your past who could help you out.

LinkedIn is a great place to do that, especially thanks to its advanced search tool.

In this article, we’ll look at the best ways to use LinkedIn’s advanced search tool to unlock your potential and discover hidden opportunities.

It’s easier than you imagined – and you can start right away. Let’s get to it!

You can use advanced search to:

Uncover Your Potential

Did you study an obscure subject, such as Viking Studies or Stained Glass? (Yes, these are real).

Or do you have some special skills you’re not sure how to use?

Then why not look up other people who are similar to you, and see what they’ve done with their lives?

Just enter your degree title, or your unusual skills into the keywords box, hit search, and see who comes up.

You’ll find fascinating people and get some great ideas for your career.

You could even add the people you discover as connections, then interview them more about their life journey.

Find Out How to Get Your Dream Job

Do you know exactly what you’d love to do, but you’re not sure how to get there?

Enter the job title of the job you’d love into advanced search, and look at the people who come up. You’ll be able to check out their profiles to see the path their careers followed.

This will give you ideas for what you need to do to achieve your dream.

Again, consider connecting with the people you discover to find out more about them.

Find Past Work Colleagues

Lost contact with people you used to work with? If you think they might be able to help you, then it’s worth getting in touch.

LinkedIn’s advanced search helps you do that, even if you can’t remember their names and even if they’ve left the company.

That’s because you can search both by company and by past company. Run a search for people connected with your past employer, and you’ll find your old colleagues.

Now that’s an easy way to make a reunion!

Over to You

Have you ever used LinkedIn’s advanced search tool? If so, what did you discover? If not, give it a try, and let us know what you find.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

When it comes to social marketing, LinkedIn is often overlooked in favor of Twitter or Facebook.

For most businesses – especially those in the B2B market – that’s a mistake.

If you’re not yet using LinkedIn as part of your social strategy, then you’re likely missing out on incredible opportunities.

The first thing to do when you join LinkedIn is ensure your profile is up to scratch. Here’s how to do that.

Give Yourself a Custom Profile Link

When you join LinkedIn, your profile will be given a default URL with nothing special going for it.

However, LinkedIn gives you the option of creating a custom URL. Make this URL your name, and it will look good on business cards. It will also make it easier for people to find you when they put your name into a Google search.

To change your profile’s URL, click here, then select Customize your public profile URL.

Create a Keyword Rich Profile

We all know the vital role keywords play in making your website visible on search engines. To put it simply, if you want to be found, you’ve got to have the keywords on your site that people are searching for. Otherwise, you’re effectively invisible.

The same is true on LinkedIn. Want your profile to be found? Then you need to include search keywords in your profile.

You can include keywords in your headline, summary, job titles, and job descriptions. A keyword-heavy headline is particularly effective at drawing a crowd.

Collect LinkedIn Recommendations

As anyone in the world of marketing knows, social proof is one of the most effective weapons when it comes to selling anything.

What is social proof? It’s endorsements of your brand by real people. This could be testimonials from customers published on your website. It could be having thousands of Twitter followers. Or it could just be that people are talking about your brand, passing on their positive experiences of your company by word-of-mouth.

Think of this way. Everyone expects you to toot your own trumpet. So any claims you make about yourself are likely to be treated with an element of caution. When when others toot your trumpet, then people sit up and listen.

Recommendations are how you build up your social proof on LinkedIn. You can ask any of your connections to write you a recommendation. Or, just start writing recommendations for others. Many people will respond in kind.

Over to You

What are your best tips for improving a LinkedIn profile? Let us know in the comments section, below.

LinkedIn Attention

LinkedIn is the professional network to help you get ahead. So it’s a good idea if your profile stands out from the crowd – as long as you stand out for the right reasons.

Getting noticed can be easier than you think. As long as you’re willing to devote a few minutes each day to the network, then you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what to do.

1. Make the First Move

Instead of waiting for people to notice you, show you’ve noticed them.

Whenever you meet someone, in the real world or online, add him or her as a LinkedIn contact. Be sure to write a personalized message when you send out the contact request. That starts a conversation.

Additionally, when people add you as a contact, drop them a message to say hello. Again, this starts a conversation.

When your name’s in someone’s inbox, you really stand out.

2. Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations are LinkedIn’s version of testimonials. They get other people to sing your praises – which is far more effective than singing your own.

To get recommendations, reach out and ask for them. You can even let people know which skills and experience you’d like the recommendation to focus on.

And if you’re too shy to ask? Give out testimonials to others, and you’ll get them in return.

3. Stay Active

The more you do on LinkedIn, the more people you’ll meet, and the more you’ll get noticed.

Two easy things you can do every day are:

  • Hang out in groups. Choose 3-5 groups to focus on. Every day, post something in each group, or respond to someone else’s post.
  • Share an interesting article or video. Sharing one or two items to your LinkedIn feed each day is plenty.

4. Frequently Tweak Your Headline

Your headline is how you get noticed on LinkedIn. It’s what people see whenever you join a conversation in a LinkedIn group or post an update to your LinkedIn feed.

So your headline needs to grab attention.

Tweak it often, and you’ll see which headlines perform best. As an added bonus, each time you update your headline, your contacts on LinkedIn receive an email. It’s a double-win for getting noticed.

5. Focus on Your Achievements

Yes, you should list all your past roles. But rather than providing a detailed job description (yawn!), write about the results you created for your employer or client.

You can do this even for relatively simple jobs such as retail – e.g. “I served 200 customers and handled $10,000 per day.”

Hint: If you want your achievements to make people go “wow!”, always include relevant numbers.

Over to You

What do you do to stand out on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments.

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