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Facebook Mistake

So you’ve signed up for a Facebook page for your business.

Awesome! Seriously, great job.

Now let me ask you a question: do you know why you are on Facebook? Why did you create a Facebook page for your business?

“Everyone’s doing it” is not a good reason.

Before you get started with Facebook, you should know why you want to be on Facebook. If you don’t know why you’re using Facebook, you’ll never know if you’re successful. You need a reason to be a Facebook, so you can track whether it’s working for you.

Otherwise you’ll just be wasting time.

Let’s take a look at some good reasons for using Facebook.

To Help Your Customers

So you thought Facebook was all about getting customers for your business? Well, it can be. But the best way of getting customers is to help people.

Facebook makes you very available to your customers. They can contact you directly from their smartphones at the swipe of a screen.

Are you ready to help you customers on Facebook?

To Talk to Your Customers

Facebook’s a social network. Even you – as a business – need to be sociable. Yes, that means hanging out with your customers.

Sure, this takes time. You’ll need to carve it out from your day or allocate staff to it. But the good news is that it’s fun. Also, as you get to know your customers, you’ll discover more about what they want. That makes your business better able to serve them.

What’s more, when your customers talk to you, their friends will see it. That’s free marketing.

To Share Cool Stuff with Your Customers

If you use a personal account on Facebook, you’ll know that Facebook is all about sharing. As a business, you get to share cool stuff with your customers.

Here’s what you need to know: The stuff you share must be cool from your customers’ point of view.

Sure, you might think it’s cool that you hired a new team member or had the most successful month in your company’s history or that you have a new logo. But your customers aren’t interested.

They want stuff that’s helpful, entertaining, or inspirational. Start finding it so you can share it! There’s plenty of great stuff online you can share.

A bonus of sharing helpful stuff on Facebook is that your Facebook fans associate you with being helpful. That’s great news for your brand image.

How to Be Successful on Facebook

Facebook is ultimately a place to build relationships with your customers, clients, and prospects. When you build a relationship with them, they’ll have a positive view of your brand, and they’ll want to do business with you.

Facebook is not a place to shout about how great your business is or to be a pushy salesperson.

When you’re on Facebook, think, “How can I help my customers?” After all, that’s why you’re in business. And asking this question makes Facebook easy.

Why is your business on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

post to facebook

You’re on Facebook to get attention for your business, right? You want to start conversations with your customers and get them talking about your brand.

Because getting attention is your aim, it figures that you should post to Facebook as much as you can. The more you share with your fans, the more they’ll have to talk about.

But how often should you post, really? Is it possible to go overboard and post too much?

In the past, we’ve recommended sharing something on Facebook at least once per day.

Facebook’s official advice agrees. Here’s what Facebook says:

We recommend posting about once per day to keep people returning to your Page.

Yet all businesses are different – as Facebook acknowledges:

Each Page has a unique audience that may respond better to more or fewer updates. Experiment with different posting schedules and see what works best by checking engagement metrics in your Page Insights.

If you notice that engagement with your Page has decreased, try varying your posts and post frequency.

New research from wisemetrics indicates that for maximum engagement, it could be best to post several times per day.

Their research found that a typical Facebook post receives 75% of its lifetime views within the first two hours of being published. Within the first two-and-a-half hours, it will receive 75% of its lifetime engagement.

What does this mean?

First, the time of day you post matters. If your fans aren’t online in the two hours after you post, they’ll probably miss what you said. For advice on the best time of day to post, check out our infographic here.

Second, if you want to maximize your reach, it’s worth posting to Facebook several times per day. As the shelf life of posts is now so short, it looks as though a minimum of three posts her day is ideal. That said, it’s best to limit yourself to five Facebook updates per day. Otherwise you risk overwhelming your most loyal Facebook fans.

Finally, track your metrics. Just because your posts have a short shelf life doesn’t mean they can’t be effective. By seeing the types of posts that perform best, you can perfect the art of getting as much engagement as possible in a short period.

Posting to Facebook every day can get time consuming. To save time, consider using a scheduling service such as Buffer App. This allows you to schedule Facebook updates in advance. We’ve written a guide to scheduling here.

Your Shout

How often do you post to Facebook? How often do you think you should post to Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

Business Facebook PageWhy have a Facebook page? Does your business really need to be on Facebook? Isn’t it just a passing craze?

Passing craze or not, it’s time your business embraced the Facebook revolution. Things change. Personal computers have been around for less than half a century. iPhones first appeared less than ten years ago.

Technology is developing faster and faster. So maybe it’s time you caught up.

Having a personal Facebook account isn’t enough. And if you can create a personal account, you can set up a business page. All you need to do is go here and follow the step-by-step guide.

Still need some convincing? We’ve put together the 12 best reasons your business should launch a Facebook page.

Having a Facebook Page gives your business the opportunity to:

1. Talk to Half the Internet

Worldwide 2.4 billion people are connected to the Internet. Half of these – 1.2 billion – have Facebook accounts.

Let’s bring these stats closer to home. More than 40% of Americans use Facebook everyday, and nearly a quarter of US residents (22%) check their Facebook acounts more than once a day.

Facebook is bringing the world together. Don’t you think your business should be part of it?

2. Be Where the People Go

Want to find customers for your product? Don’t expect them to turn up at your door. You’ll be waiting a long time. Instead, head to where they’re already hanging out.

The average Facebook users spends 8.3 hours per month on the network. After Google and YouTube, it’s the most popular website in the world.

3. Be Relatable

The old world of marketing is crumbling. Back in the day, marketing was a one-way street. You put out advertisements for your product; customers bought your product.

With social media, that’s all changed. Your customers want a relationship with your brand. They expect to be able to talk to you. Marketing is about conversation.

A Facebook page humanizes your business. It allows customers and fans to talk to you like a human being. What’s more, your Facebook page allows you to develop a personality and a voice for your brand.

4. Build Trust

Establishing a relationship with your customers helps build trust. When your customers enjoy talking to you, they’ll want to be part of your business story by buying your products.

On top of that, the more Facebook fans you have, the greater your level of social proof. When potential customers see you’ve got a thriving fan-base, they’re more likely to trust you because they see that others trust you, too.

5. Makes Content Marketing Simple

Wonder why your company blog is a ghost town? You’ve heard content marketing is the next big thing, but you’ve yet to see any results from it.

That’s probably because you’re not sharing the content you’ve created.

Don’t keep it to yourself! Get it out there. Facebook is the perfect place to share your content with people who’ll appreciate it. And your Facebook page is the ideal platform from which to do that.

6. Learn About Your Customers

Want to know which new products your customers would like to see in your store? Or maybe you want insight into your customers’ likes and dislikes, so you can better serve them with your products or services.

A Facebook page is a bit like a virtual focus group. Every interaction with your fans is tracked and recorded through Facebook Insights. Over time, you’ll see patterns emerge of what your fans like best. You’ll discover what’s hot and what’s not.

You can also talk to your fans to get their opinions. Ask questions. They’ll be happy to let you know what they think.

All this provides valuable insights you can use when developing your business strategy.

7. Build a Community

Word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. It always has been, and it’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed in the social media revolution.

By interacting with your customers on Facebook, you’ll build a community of loyal fans who will act as brand advocates. They’ll share your updates with their Facebook friends, spreading the word about your brand.

8. Boost Your SEO

One excuse for avoiding social media is the idea that SEO is what really matters.

We agree, SEO is essential. But if you really care about SEO, then you need to be on Facebook.

Google crawls your Facebook page and indexes links you’ve shared. Google also notices how many fans are interacting with your content.

The more your fans are engaging with your brand, the bigger the boost to your SEO.

9. Stay Top-of-Mind for Your Customers

When customers like your Facebook page, they’ll receive updates from your business when you post to Facebook.

This is a subtle way of growing your brand awareness. Fans who see your brand name every week on Facebook will choose you over a competitor when they need your products or services, simply because you’re the brand they’ve seen on Facebook over and over again.

This is especially important for customers who have purchased from you in the past. Remember, it’s easier to win repeat custom than to get a first time customer to make a purchase.

10. Stick to Facebook’s Rules

I know a few people who use their personal Facebook profile for conducting business. If you’ve got a Facebook profile, you probably do, too.

The trouble is, these people are playing with fire. Using personal accounts for business purposes is against Facebook’s terms of use. If you do it, you risk getting kicked off the network.

Having a Facebook page is the way to go. Our final two reasons for having a Page will show you why.

11. Be Easier to Connect With

It’s much easier for fans to “like” your Facebook page than to add you as a Facebook friend. That’s because:

  • Liking a page is low-risk. They can always unlike you in the future. Adding someone as a friend is a bigger commitment.
  • If they add you as a friend, you can see all their personal photos and updates. Most people don’t want businesses prying into their personal life.
  • People expect to interact with businesses through pages, not through profiles.

12. Leave Comments as Your Brand

When you have a Facebook page, you can visit other pages on Facebook and leave comments as your brand. This is an excellent tool for business networking.

If you already have a Facebook page for your business, what are your reasons for having it? What have you found are the biggest advantages?