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Blogging Scam

You want your blog to succeed, right? How badly do you want it?

Do you want your blog to make you famous? Do you want to be somebody? Perhaps you want to be the next Brian Clark or Marie Forleo?

None of us like the thought that we’re just a drop in the ocean. We want to be more than that, right?

Scammers use what we most want to take advantage of us. That’s why they’re so effective.

So you’d better watch out.

To that end, I thought I’d best warn you about this guy.

There’s a swindler in town, and he’s out to wreck your blog. This con artist will do anything he can to derail your content marketing and destroy everything you’ve done online.

Trouble is, he’s an experienced operator. He’ll do anything he can to keep himself invisible.

And this being the worldwide web, he can operate anywhere he chooses. In fact, most of what pass for “blogs” are in his control. And they wonder why they don’t have any readers.

He pretends he’s working in your best interests. But of course, that’s a lie. He’s probably working his game on you right now. And you don’t even know it. Until I call him out. Then his game’s up.

Let’s get this guy flubbing.

What’s in it for him? If I could, I’d tell you. But it’s a mystery to me, too.

You see, he’s someone close to you. Someone you’d think would be on your side. He should be rooting for you. Instead, he’s on the take.

Are you onto him yet?

Let me tell you this guy’s name. Maybe you’ll recognize him. You’ve no doubt been introduced before. He’s called Mr. Ego.

Say, “How do you do?” politely. Mr. Ego will like that. He likes things to run his own way. And he likes to be the center of attention.

When you sit down to write your blog, he’ll have all kinds of wonderful ideas you could write about. And they’ll all be about him. Because he’s just fabulous. He wants all your readers to find out all about him.

But he’s missing a vital piece of the puzzle. Mr. Ego is several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Truth is, none of your readers give a damn about Mr. Ego. They’re not at all interested in him, his antics, or what he has to say.

Write your blog about yourself, and you’ll scare your readers away. That’s what Mr. Ego wants you to do. He’s very persuasive. Don’t listen to him!

Instead, make your blog about your readers and what they need. That way, you’ll draw a crowd. And your blog will thrive.

So go on, join me in giving that barracuda the boot. From today, make your blog about your readers. You – and they – will be delighted you did.

blog reader love

Readers are the life and soul of any blog.

A blog without an audience might as well not exist. It would be like a business without customers.

Your readers matter to you (or at least they should). So what can you do to show that you care?

1. Listen to What Your Readers Want

What do you readers need from you? If you don’t know, it’s time you asked or started doing some research.

Blogging isn’t creative writing. Creative writing is all about the writer and what’s important to him or her. Blogging is all about the reader. To be a good blogger, you need to know what’s important to your readers. That way you can give them what they’re looking for in your blog posts, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

What if it’s early days for your blog, and you’re building up your reader numbers? You can still listen out for what your potential readers want. Check out forums in your niche to see the common questions people have.

2. Talk to Your Readers

You don’t just have to listen to your readers. In fact, it’s even better if you start a conversation with them.

There are plenty of places online to talk to your readers. The best of all is in the comments section of your blog,. Comments are an extension of your blog post – they add even more for your readers to dig their teeth into. Make sure you take the time to reply to every comment.

You can also talk to your readers on social media. On your blog, encourage your readers to follow you on Twitter and to like your Facebook page. That way you create another forum for discussion. Start conversations by asking questions, or just join in with what your readers are already talking about.

3. Be Available

I recommend making your email address readily accessible. Spam blockers are so effective these days that you don’t have anything to worry about there.

Why is this good for your readers? Because then they can ask you questions privately.

Readers are often more honest in emails about their struggles, so you’ll gain extra insight into what your readers really want from your blog. They’ll also be delighted when you respond.

4. Say Thank You

A blog is a community. Your blog wouldn’t exist without your readers. Remind your readers that they matter by saying thank you.

The best times to say thank you are at caring, sharing times of year, such as festivals. In the US, Christmas and Easter work well. At these times, publish a thank you blog post in the festive spirit.

It’s also a good idea to say thank you individually to your readers, especially to those who frequently comment on your blog or who share your content on social media. Send them a tweet, or even better, drop them an email. You’re someone they look up to, so they’ll be excited to hear from you.

5. Write Awesome Content

Content is the bedrock of any blog. Putting your best into everything you write is the minimum you can do to show your readers that you care. It’s also a way of showing new readers that you care. They haven’t yet talked to you, but they can see from your writing that they matter to you.

As a bonus, awesome content gets shared, so you’ll pull in even more new readers.

traffic generationA blog without readers is like a car without an engine. It might look nice, but it’s not much use. And it’s certainly not going anywhere.

When the engine falls out of your car, you call in a mechanic.

What about getting your blog going? Well, if you’re a blogger, that’s something you can do yourself. We’ve collected these top blog posts on traffic generation to give you a jump start.

Is your blog ready to hit the road?

Six Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog – Without Getting Penalized by Google (Daily Blog Tips)

Want to know where to start with traffic generation? Then check out this post from Ali Luke. You’ll get an overview of what it takes to pull in new readers for your blog.

You can read all six tips here.

This post covers the basics. For more in-depth strategies, continue reading.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It There (Goins, Writer)

Writer Jeff Goins explains traffic generation from a writing perspective. His 23 tips include writing shorter posts, writing attractive headlines, writing in the second person (“you” not “me”), and telling stories. Many of the tips include links with deeper explanations. Goins also provides a word of warning to traffic chasers:

“So, you have a blog, but want more traffic? First, check your motives: Is it help people, be a resource, and make a difference? Or to make you famous? If the latter, quit blogging now. If you’re blogging for self-serving reasons, then that may be the real inhibitor to your blog’s growth.”

You can read all of Jeff’s tips here.

Use Content Curation to Drive More Traffic (Triple SEO)

We’ve always advocated content curation as a brilliant way of driving traffic. Curating allows you to position yourself as an expert while taking the pressure off to constantly create awesome content. In this blog post, Chris Dyson explains how automate the process of curating content using

Vital to effective curation – as with all tools for generating traffic – is choosing a tight niche. As Chris puts it:

“The key to being a great content curator is by picking a niche in which to share your information and vigilantly sticking to it. The narrower the niche you decide to curate content in, the better.”

Read the full post here.

Write Epic Sh*t (Fizzle)

The premise of this blog post from Corbett Barr is simple:

“Building a raving audience online all starts with writing epic sh*t. Period. Hands down. End of story.”

According to Corbett, only 20% of building a successful site is about promotional tactics. The remaining 80% involves creating something awesome.

So how can you be epic?

“Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.”

Want the bad news? Being epic takes time. The successful bloggers cited in this article spend up to 18 hours writing a blog post.

Being epic takes hard work – but the potential rewards are huge.

Check out the full post here.

How to Be Unforgettable (Boost Blog Traffic)

Being epic sounds attractive. But how do you actually do it? Jon Morrow of Copyblogger fame explains how it’s done – including how to make your writing pulse with energy.

“Your readers are the dead batteries. You are the live one. The written word is your pair of jumper cables. The secret is knowing where, exactly, to connect those cables.”

Read the full post here.

How to Promote Your Blog and Get More Visitors/Traffic (Start Blogging Online)

Want an example of epic? Check out this mega-post packed with helpful ideas on getting more traffic to your blog.

You’ll be shown how to:

  • Create awesome content (including a link to 101 blog post ideas)
  • Share your content on social media
  • Promote your content in forums

Most useful of all is a script showing you how to reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to share your content.

“Search for some popular posts (use Google to do that) in your topic and see if someone has left a comment under the post. If you’re lucky, you’ll get their contact details by clicking on their profile. Once you have found the contact details, send them a quick email.”

For the full script, check out the post here.

How I Doubled My Traffic by Finding My Audience (Think Traffic)

In this post, Robert Farrington of Beat the Nine to Five shows how he increased his blog audience 2.5 times in a year by finding his audience. Key to his success was embracing Q&A sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers. He also used a variety of other tools to keep his audience interested. He gives three reasons these sites are so useful:

First, when someone posts a question, you know that is the specific information they are looking for. These people are letting you know they are your target audience! If you can answer their questions really well, you can easily convert them into loyal followers.

Second, you gain credibility on these forums by answering questions well.

Finally, in your answer, you can link to your “source”. If you have a relevant article on your own website that highlights the information you provide, this can be a great source.

Find out all of Robert’s secrets here.

10 Ways to Increase Your Business Blog Traffic by 227 Percent (HuffPo)

By now, you’ve probably gotten the message that to get traffic to your blog, you need to create amazing content. You need to provide massive value to your readers, so they want to share what you’ve written.

But once you’ve done that, what else can you do to give your post the best possible chance of success?

In this post by best-selling author Norm Schriever you’ll discover:

  • Why the titles of your posts matter
  • What to include in your blog posts (other than words)
  • How to use keywords and links to boost your search engine ranking

As Norm puts it:

“The goal of any professional blog is to get people to click, read, engage and share – in that order. Enticing them to do so can vastly increase your business visibility and drive exponential future sales. While there is no substitute for writing quality, human, dynamic content, knowing how to maximize blog traffic can make all the difference between attracting a big crowd online… or just hearing crickets.”

You can read all 10 of Norm’s tips here.

Over to You

What have you found is the best way to get traffic to your blog? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.